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on Friday, 21 June 2013 in Programming

Today I developed my first program with Delphi using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2. It is really pleasant experience while developing program with Embarcadero RAD XE2 as it is similar to Visual C++ / C++ builder which enables you to program application using GUI (Graphical User Interface), mostly similar to VB. Those you have used VB / VC++ will find out Delphi familiar with. Delphi is none other than PASCAL as I already have learnt PASCAL programming during my college days. In fact the logic of all programming language is same they only differ with Syntax codes.

While developing my first program with RAD XE2 , Delphi Learning tutorial by dheath1174 on youtube helped me lot. I developed my first program according to instructions given at Delphi learning video. I opened File -> New -> FileMonkey HD Application and created Label, Button and Edit controls on the form named as form1.  Button click event is coded with Label.Text = Edit.Text so that when we we click button by entering any text in edit textbox it would display at label after button clicked.

But when I compiled program it showed me one error regarding environment variable as follows,

[Error Error] Invalid PLATFORM variable "HPD". PLATFORM must be one of the following: "Win32", "Win64", or "OSX32".
If PLATFORM is defined by your system's environment, it must be overridden in the RAD Studio IDE or passed explicitly on the command line to MSBuild;
e.g., /p:Platform=Win32.

I am using HP computer and came to know that HP computer it sets out environment variable as HPD and you just have to right click My Computer icon go to the Properties then Advanced Properties and at system variable you would have to delete PLATFORM = HPD variable from the list. Very Simple!!! After above changes done I restarted my Delphi and compiled my first program with Delphi successfully.

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