Outsource Book Conversion Services to Suraj Consulting

In this era of digitization, every organization prefers to equip itself with digital information which is easy to use and distribute. Digitization also offers benefits of lesser storage space, increased protection during natural disasters and concurrent usage. You can get these benefits by investing in book conversion services.

Suraj Consulting is the best book conversion service provider in the contemporary industry. Over the years we have been providing quality conversion services to leading universities, colleges, libraries and book publishers. We have the ability to convert both hard and soft copy documents into varied electronic formats.

Why outsource book conversion services to Suraj Consulting?

At Suraj Consulting, we hold the expertise for a comprehensive range of book conversion services for both printed material and electronic formats. At Suraj Consulting, you will find a perfect blend of sophisticated book conversion methodology and an experienced workforce. The specialists who work on the book conversion projects are well trained in the different formatting styles and well equipped to handle different electronic formats like PDF and HTML.

Once we analyze your business process and requirements, we will suggest the best suited formatting parameters like indentations, paragraphs, margins, page numbers, headings, quotes, footnotes/endnotes and citations. A prognostic sample would also be presented to support our suggestions. Once you approve the suggested parameters, they would be implemented in your conversion assignment.

Some of the unique aspects of book conversion covered at Suraj Consulting include:

  • Mixed page content analysis: we methodically search and segregate the content and graphic sections of a book for different processing schemes in order to yield better printing results
  • Superior image processing techniques: We use advanced techniques to retain the quality of the book. These include Descreening, Moire Removal, Adaptive Thresholding with background utilization and high quality interpolated rotation

We have designed a number of methods to make data uploads and downloads easier and more secure. The methods are:

  • E-mail
  • FTP upload and download
  • CD/DVD

Benefits of outsourcing book conversion services to Suraj Consulting

Some of the benefits of outsourcing book conversion services to Suraj Consulting include:

  • State-of-the-art book conversion service methodology
  • Customized book conversion services to meet your requirements
  • Extremely flexible pricing packages which can be customized as per the volume and complexity of the project
  • Petite delivery timeframes
  • Cooperative customer support to assist you round-the-clock

Outsource book conversion services to Suraj Consulting and experience the new era of digitization.

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