Outsource File Conversion Services to Suraj Consulting

Changes being one of the constants of technology, businesses are faced with legacy systems within short periods of time. Real Networks, for example is now in its 11th version and Windows Media is in its 12th version in only a few years. A huge by-product of rapid technological advances and changes is unreadable or incompatible files.

If you are faced with such a scenario – where you have files that have valuable information but are in a format that was in vogue during their conception but no longer used now – Suraj Consulting is the right place for you.

Suraj Consulting’s file format conversion services

Suraj Consulting file conversion services offer you affordable and efficient file format conversion in the following areas:

  • Content conversion of legacy and new content
  • Document conversion from legacy formats into to XML/HTML
  • Audio file conversion
  • Video file conversion
  • MP3 file conversion
  • Image file conversion
  • Pre-press preparation for print and e-publishing
  • E-book production
  • Graphic design and digitization of illustrations
  • Tiff file conversion
  • Text file conversion
  • HTML file conversion

Our approach offers you the most scalable, cost-efficient and effective file conversion services delivery model available today. From design and execution to ongoing support and maintenance we manage the entire file conversion process flawlessly delivering the business results and value that you expect.

Suraj Consulting’s file format conversion process

We combine our rich media and publishing knowledge with our ability to work with single or multiple source publishing to bring the best of file conversion services in the market today.

You send your data in the form of:

  • Paper documents
  • Books
  • Microfilms
  • Microfiches
  • Image files (.tiff, PDF, gif, jpeg, etc.)
  • Video files (.mpg, .mov, .avi etc)
  • Audio files (.mp3, .wmv, .wav etc)

In turn you receive your data in any file format (txt, PDF, doc, Microsoft NetShow, Real Video, Vivo, AVI, QuickTime etc) or any media (CDs, tape, Zip disk etc.) via Internet, FTP, VPN or Telnet.

Suraj Consulting’s infrastructure and team

Our file format conversion infrastructure is state-of-art with modern computing and communication technology. Suraj Consulting uses only the latest versions of software for file format conversion.

Suraj Consulting’s file format conversion team comprises of trained editors, researchers, proofreaders, imaging and scanning technology professionals experienced in multiple format conversions. Our skilled experts make sure that:

  • All data processing and keying services are 99.995% accurate
  • Multiple document conversions (batch processing) are carried on flawlessly
  • Image quality is preserved after conversion
  • Our advanced PDF converter supports encrypted PDF files
  • Files can be automatically viewed the after conversion
  • You get instant streaming video on either your existing web server or a video server – by providing the complete code to paste right into your pages

Outsource file conversion services to Suraj Consulting

Suraj Consulting provides cost-effective and reliable file format conversion services to global companies. With our safe and secure infrastructure, effective privacy policy and trained staff your data will be converted in a proficient manner tailored to meet your specific requirements.

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