HTML Conversion

Text To HTML

HTML conversion includes converting your content in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) format with the help of CSS and suitable font, your content will be embedded into particular webpage. In small your content would be presented in web format after HTML conversion. While there are many tools available which can help you in HTML Conversion but quality of output is always inferior and contains bugs most of the times. It is always recommendable to follow this process manually in order to get good output. HTML is always used for presenting your data online and it never works offline. HTML Conversion involves vigorous usage of Attractive Fonts, HTML Tags, Bullets, Paragraphs, Headers etc...Sometimes it involves creation of Tables, Columns and Rows.

You can submit your content which you want to put on your website in the MS Word or Notepad format we would convert it into HTML and embed it in your website under particular menu or webpage.

HTML conversion is simple process when one do have a static website, in case of dynamic website it is bit complex process as it need to embed code in dynamic source code (PHP, ASP, JSP etc..) whichever being used by website.



PSD stands for Adobe Photoshop Documents. Most of the times templates are being created in PSD format which later on converted into HTML format using slices. While converting from PSD  to HTML it is necessary to convert appropriate portion in suitable format (i.e Text and Images etc...) which involves creation of CSS, Tables and Cells to represent data for such conversion it is necessary to have in-depth knowledge of coding..

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