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Offline Data Entry means Data Entry without use of internet connection. For offline Data Entry work there is no need to have internet connection.

The concept of offline data entry has been in existence for many years now. It is the process of collecting data or raw details to a specific database or even a word processor(file, MS Word, notepad, editor etc..) . This is done based upon certain specifications laid down by the client as per the specific requirements of the project and without using any internet facility.

We have a significant expertise in managing all kinds of offline data entry projects. We have a dedicated team of data entry professionals who are experienced enough to perform any offline data entry services with ease. Data entry experts working with us can collect data in any kind of database as provided by our client or even in a word processor most accurately and with fast turnaround time. We also perform various reviews and quality checks to ensure that accurate data has been entered and there are no chances of errors. This ensures you quality data from which you can extract accurate information for various business processes to follow.

Once the entire offline data entry project is completed we send it back to you in the required format and multiple formats if needed be. In case you are not satisfied or need it with some changes with anything we would again work on it on priority basis and send it back to you in no time at all. Client satisfaction is our motto!

Offline Data Entry services include:

  • Collecting meaningful data from databases and other sites
  • Collecting an extensive list of URL addresses which offer value
  • Filling up of various offline forms
  • Performing offline data entry from various e-books
  • Performing offline data entry operations in multiple formats like .doc, .xls and .pdf etc.