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Online Data Entry: Online data entry services includes simple data entry work, compilation from web sites, creation of e-books(copying contents for e-book from hard copy of same book), business card, catalog and form processing etc. We have experienced and professional data entry operators with good accuracy and speed who always ensures satisfactory and time bound delivery of work.

Some of the prominent online data entry services comprises of

  • Online data entry of eBook with high accuracy and speed
  • Online copying, pasting and indexing of data.
  • Online Catalog Data Entry

Paper is becoming obsolete and online is the trend nowadays though reading book online can be painful and can put additional stress on your eyes but it is true many newspapers are replacing their business with e-Papers. We have good internet connection and our online data entry operators can work directly on your systems for security purpose. This prevents access, downloads or copying of confidential documents or information. We customize our software for data capture and workflow. We also encourage the combination of our work teams with your in-house team for the smooth progress of your on-line data entry needs. Our effort in supporting your data entry services online will help save time and money for your company.

Entering data from printed brochures or from the website into an online database is another service we cater. Internet research, email mining and list making are best handled by our professionals. Web and mailing list research and collecting several types of information like contact investors, product research, market research, market survey, etc. to automate several functions of your company is done by us to help you increase your productivity.

We offer online data entry and remote verification from paper or image to web, or web to web. Online data retrieval and data entry to scour online resources and enter relevant data from those sites into a database. With online data entry, we identifying client specified products and adding them to their website database through the content management tools.

Online Catalog Data Entry, e.g. updating the database at your online store from your specified PDF/printed catalogs, manufacturer's website etc. Online Image editing/ Image stitching, Re-writing / modifying the textual description

Preparing an online catalog for our clients by online data-retrieval, searching on the Internet, identifying source URLs, gathering information, ciphering out the irrelevant portions, adding product images. For entering data from printed brochures or from the Web into an online database.