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Competitive Exam - SSC CGL
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1) Socialism succeeds in achieving

A) higher individual welfare in the society

B) maximum social welfare in the society

C) higher standard of living of the people

D) equal distribution of income in the society

Ans: D) equal distribution of income in the society


3) Economic Planning is an essential feature of

A) Mixed Economy

B) Dual Economy

C) Socialist Economy

D) Capitalist Economy

Ans: C) Socialist Economy



4) The HYV (High Yield Variety) program in INDIA is called as

A) White Revolution

B) Blue Revolution

C) Traditional Agriculture

D) New Agriculture Strategy


The introduction of high-yielding varieties of seeds and the increased use of fertilizers and irrigation are known collectively as the Green Revolution, which provided the increase in production needed to make India self-sufficient in food grains, thus improving agriculture in India. Genetically modified high-yielding wheat was first introduced to India in 1963 by Dr. Norman Borlaug. Borlaug has been hailed as the Father of the Green Revolution. The methods adopted included the use of high yielding varieties(HYV) of seeds.

Bharat Ratna Shri C. Subramanium led Green Revolution in India of 1970s, came out with development of 'cross-bred within species' new seeds which were further 'cross-bred' over time in India (called High Yield Variety - HYV seeds). No doubt it substantially increased yield, but also caused use of humongous amounts of 'pesticides', 'chemical fertilizers', 'water' and 'pumping power'.


6) Ballots were first used in

A) Ancient Greece

B) England

C) Australia

D) U.S.A

Ans: A) Ancient Greece


8) The first Indian who was chosen as the Secretary General Of Commonwealth is

A) Krishna Murthy

B) Kamlesh Sharma

C) Rakesh Verma

D) Gopalswamy

Ans: B) Kamlesh Sharma


10) Kuldip Nayar, a journalist was appointed as High Commissioner in


B) Pakistan

C) Sri Lanka

D) Australia

Ans: A) UK in 1990


11) Which king is referred to as Devanampiya Piyadassi (Beloved of the Gods) in the inscriptions?

A) Bindusara

B) Chandragupta Maurya

C) Asoka

D) Harsha

Ans: C) Asoka


13) Bombay was given away as dowry to the English King Charles II for marrying the princess of

A) Holland

B) Denmark

C) France

D) Portugal

Ans: D) Portugal


15) Name the Maratha Saint who was a contemporary to Shivaji?

A) Saint Dhyaneshwar

B) Namdev

C) Saint Eknath

D) Saint Tukaram

Ans: D) Saint Tukaram


16) The study of lakes is called

A) Limnology

B) Potomology

C) Topology

D) Hydrology

Ans: A) limnology

(Topology is a modern version of geometry)

(Potomology is science of rivers)

(Hydrology is The science of properties of the earth's water)



19) Which criteria is not used for the classification of Human races ?

A) Eyes

B) Ear

C) Nose

D) Hair

Ans: B) Ear


20) Railway Coaches are manufactured at ?

A) Perambur

B) Varanasi

C) Jamshedpur

D) Chittaranjan

Ans: D) Chittaranjan

(Other rail coach factories are at Chennai (Tamilnadu), Kapurthala (Punjab), Chittaranjan (West Bangal), Varanasi


21) Fertilization occurs normally in the

A) Fallopian tube

B) Uterus

C) Cervix

D) Vagina

Ans: B) Uterus


25) The Central Drug Research Institute Of India is located at?

A) Delhi

B) Bangalore

C) Madras

D) Lucknow

Ans: D) Lucknow


25) Which of the following wheat species are being cultivated in INDIA?

A) Emmer wheat

B) Bread wheat

C) Club wheat

D) Durum wheat

Ans: D) Durum Wheat


26) Which of the following cereals were first to be used by man?

A) Barley

B) Oat

C) Rye

D) Wheat

Ans: A) Barley


28) If a resistive wire is elongated, its resistance

A) increases

B) decreases

C) remains constant

D) All of the above


28) Lumen is the unit of

A) Luminous flux

B) Luminous intensity

C) Illuminance

D) Brightness

Ans: Luminous Flux

(Unit Of Luminous Intensity is called as Candle , Candela)

(Unit of brightness is Lux)


33) The mass of 10 moles of water is

A) 18 g

B) 180 g

C) 90 g

D) 45 g

ANS: In general mass of 1 mole of water is 18 gram therefore mass of 10 moles of water is 180 gm...


34) Vitamin A is rich in

A) Beans

B) Rice

C) Carrot

D) Lime

ANS: Carrot


35) The high boiling point of the water compared to Hydrogen Sulphide or Hydrogen Chloride is due to

A) Polar Covalent Bonding

B) Hydrogen Bonding

C) Dipole Insulation

D) Van Der Waal's Attraction

ANS: Hydrogen Bonding


36) Which of the following determines the chemical properties of an element

A) Number Of Protons

B) Number Of Electrons

C) Number Of Neutrons

D) All Of The Above

ANS: C) Number Of Electrons



42) The seat of Madhya Pradesh High Court is located in

A) Bhopal

B) Jabalpur

C) Gwalior

D) Indore

ANS:  B) Jabalpur


43) The brightest planet on the earth is

A) jupiter

B) mars

C) venus

D) mercury

ANS:  C) Venus


44) How many spokes are there in the Dharmachakra of the national flag

A) 22

B) 24

C) 14

D) 18

ANS:  B) 24


45) The latest official language of the U.N is

A) Chinese

B) Spanish

C) Russian

D) Arabic



46) Shrikrishna Committee Report, which was made public in 2011, is related to

A) ragging in educational institutions

B) impeachment of Justice Dinakaran

C) Rejuvenation of higher education

D) demand for separate Telangana State

ANS:  D) demand for separate Telangana State


47) The latest book 'Kurukshetra to Kargil' is written by

A) Karan Singh

B) Kuldip Singh

C) Suryanath Singh

D) Kunal Bhardwaj

ANS:  B) Kuldip Singh


48) The Educational Development Index (EDI) Report, released in 2011, is led by

A) Kerala

B) Lakshadweep

C) Tamilnadu

D) Puducherry

ANS:  D) Puducherry


49) Shunglu Committee, which submitted its report in 2011 is related to

A) revamp of Defence management

B) management of Co-operative sector

C) Commonwealth games scandal

D) reforms in the insurance sector

ANS:  C) Commonwealth games scandal


50) The 65th National Football Championship (Santosh Trophy 2011) was won by

A) Manipur

B) Goa

C) Bengal

D) Punjab

ANS:  C) Bengal