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If you want to change your old web design or discard your old design completely with new design, it is called as Website Redesigning. Website Redesigning includes making changes to your old outdated designs and make it more attractive, up to date and user friendly by increasing its various functionalities like better navigation, visible sections etc.

Some terms should be considered while redesigning websites are as follows

1) It should have better and easy navigation. Each and every page can be accessible with ease.

2) It should be loaded fast without any delay. In case of many web site it takes lot of delay to load entire webpage due to unfriendly elements like excessive use of flash , java-script. Even though Flash makes your website attractive, in our view use of flash should be limited or it is better if not used it. Java-script provides your website with many functions and utilities but sometimes it create problem as well which you might not be aware of. Most of the time page with java-script gives warning message to end user when accessed same page from different computer which can confuse use so excessive use of Java script should be avoided.

3) Your website look and colors should not be too bold so that it should not contrast with user eye. Instead website look should be pleasant to the user eyes.

4) Every picture and graphics on your website should have good clarity so there wont be any problem and stress on the eyes in viewing these pictures and graphics.


So in case you are looking for redesigning of your website please contact us with your requirement. We would revert back to you soon.