In case if you have large website which requires frequent update and daily routine task to take care off like in case of big forum site track daily traffic, moderate comments, posts and reply them accordingly, discard spam posts etc. In case of event site add latest news and events, updates to calender or events , add snaps, graphics to the website , text rewrite and improvement. It includes edition and modification of existing contents and addition of new contents. In case of Blog we moderate blog comments, monitors all posts performance discard useless posts which google doubt of having duplicate content, we inspect thoroughly each post before approval so that it wont have any duplicate content thus it wont affect our site performance in Google, Bing search engine. In case of shopping site we track daily orders , add new items to shopping carts, update order status, offer support to the clients via email or online live chat. All above mentioned tasks can be possible with nominal monthly fees. We already have experience in handling big forums, e-commerce and events site.

According to our experience visitors like to visit site if it is being daily updated, they always like website which provides them something new and useful information or product. So it is advised to update your site regularly to attract more traffic. You site content should be easily readable (It should be simple rather than complex and ambiguous). Thus website maintenance is nothing but to keep your website up to date as possible in terms news, new project deals, new product deals or any other latest developments.

Our web maintenance service charges are in the range of 50-120$ per month only and we do take care of basic SEO as well in Web Maintenance package.

If you are looking for someone to take care of your website on daily basis then please do not hesitate to contact us.